I give you the opportunity of letting my paint the portrait of your inner-self, to give you back the true, powerful and bright beauty that comes from your Soul. A refined and original portrait in which forms and colors come freely to me to paint your inner-self.


I don’t need to meet you in person or to have a picture of you. It’s your Soul that will tell me what I need to know.

I get in touch with your inner Being with love, kindness and fairness. Colors talk to your Soul, to your heart and to your mind.

Once the painting is done, it will fit harmoniously in your universe and offer you guidance because you will recognize yourself in it.


You could have a painting of what your Soul is like now, and then offer you another in six months, a year, or more, as you feel, to see with your own eyes your evolution and your progress.

It’s a marvellous Love gift to yourself.


My Soul painting is a revelation. It contains everything up to my former lives !

You’re a celestial channel through which travel the informations you transcribe through painting and drawing with a lot of talent.
Thanks for everything you do. Your business cards are beautiful and very useful, it’s as if they opened a magic door that attract people into my business.
You’re such a light on earth ! You came to light the way of everyone who wants to know more about the how and the why. I wish everyone, one day, to meet you.

You do good, and you bring peace and quiet through your creation and your voice, which both are sublime and divine.

Thanks again !


Saint-Jean d'Angely

I come forward to bring this testimony about Marika. In some way, she’s an intimate friend to me. Who, at some point in my life, through her reading of my Soul, gave me an important of information that she light on my path and helped me in some way to evolve and progress.
I’ll always be thankful to Marika for this moment of lucidity during which she was inspired and gave me this message from my soul through her paintings. Thank you.



Marika, where do you come from…
You know, I’ve hesitated for a long time before giving my testimony because, sometimes, words are too weak or too blend to describe reality, and, in that particular case, to describe the strength and the power of your painting, or more exactly of your ‘Soul Painting’. I gave it two names. The first one is : «MAP OF MY SOUL».
Indeed, when we met I was far from thinking you’d shake up my existence in such a powerful way, and I certainly didn’t know you’d be a messenger of the invisible.
When, that fateful night, I feverishly unwrapped your painting in the calm of my office, what I discovered was beyond extraordinary. After the first impression, as I turned it in every way possible (there’s only one), I saw my profile appear along with the exact map of all my spiritual quests and experiences. All my initiatory journey was lying there, before my eyes, and the giant “puzzle” that was my life was suddenly so clear to me, as I was standing incredulous and amazed by all the meaning and the understanding that was not only in my painted face but also in the underlying, powerful and relevant symbolism that could be found in the space around the face, as an analysis of my aura.
That’s truly prodigious !
It doesn’t leave me anymore, from my office to the bedroom. It gives me inner strength, confidence, reflexion, and it helps me to connect myself to the world. You managed to use some colors to create incredible depths – especially with the blue and all its penetrating shades.
You reached the deep of my Soul and of the universe. Positively dizzying ! That’s why its second name is ‘DIVING IN THE INFINITE’.
Marika, where do you come from…




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