Welcome to the Atelier.
The Atelier is a beautiful, calm and well-lit space located right in the middle of Paris, between the Panthéon and Notre-Dame. It’s a place where you can relax, enjoy yourself, and most importantly break free from the nitty-gritty of everyday life to be lulled with beauty and creation.


Art and people, a calm and soothing relationship. Spending a day at the Atelier is both a simple and inspirational experience you can have from within to reconnect with yourself.
I’ll show you all the equipment that will be at your disposal for your creation, and I’ll show you, step by step all the techniques and tricks you might need to know to create it.


The Atelier is a way of life, a hospitable place, and will be open to anyone wishing to express themselves through painting, be it their emotions, their intuition, a feeling, or anything revealed by their true and beautiful Soul.

Learn how to listen to your inner voice in a cheerful, kind and warm environment where you can let yourself go.
There are infinite ways of expressing what you feel in the deep of your Soul : volumes, colors and materials enable you to materialize what you feel.

The session are composed of two parts : the first part will be dedicated to painting, and the second part will be about discovering and ‘interpreting’ your painting.

Once it is finished, your painting will harmoniously fit in your life, and will have a positive influence on you wherever you are, because you will recognize yourself in it.



It’s not an academic lesson. If you think you won’t succeed because you don’t know how to paint, don’t worry. It’s even better, because you create your own style and your own rules, rules you’ll be comfortable with, and I’ll guide you.

The Atelier is open to anyone looking for a new, spontaneous, cheerful and relaxed way to understand painting.


I found out about Marika’s Atelier in the 5th arrondissement in the papers. I was eager to discover that innovating place.
When I arrived at the Atelier, not only did I feel welcome, but I also felt expected in that peaceful haven that would nurture my work on my inner-self.
Marika knows how to make people feel at ease, and also how to make things easy.
I was impressed and admirative of Marika’s work. She’s both a painter and a photographer, and her work is hung on all the walls of the Atelier. And because I was so admirative, I wondered if I, too, could open myself to the canvas that was waiting for me to paint my soul.
Besides, the Atelier is very relaxing and filled with good vibes, the equipment we are given are of exceptional quality and help us achieve excellence, and Marika is very good at guiding us while also still giving us some leeway… It’s MAGICAL.
Everything went perfectly – you feel in touch with your inner-self and you can listen to your soul, paint it, and… cherry on the canvas, you can go back home with your work when it’s finished !
These three hours at the Atelier were pure bliss. There were no struct academic rules, and Marika never said anything even remotely judgmental. She simply guided us with benevolence.
All of this is very rare. If you want to have a break, take some time for yourself or just have a good time, then just go to the Atelier. You won’t regret it !



I decided to go to Marika’s Atelier because I was looking for something different from usual art classes.
Art is rooted in your essence and in your soul. And I was not at all disappointed when attending the Atelier. I was delighted not only by her kindness and her warm welcome, but also by her truthfulness and her depth.
I quickly understood she was a flood of creativity.
I felt really at ease in a soothing atmosphere, but also stimulated by all the beautiful equipments that were at my disposal.
Then, I started my work. It wasn’t about drawing or painting objects or ideas. I wanted something more about my inner-self, and address my sensations, my feelings and my emotions.
She always provided me with all the technical help and the pieces of advice I needed. She was a guide helping me to materialize my inspiration on the canvas. And that is precisely what I found nice and original.
There was all the joy and the creativity I needed to get in touch with my most inner self.



Here is an atelier that will surprise you because of its originality. It stands aside from all the other ateliers I know, and it does so in many regards.
I received a warm welcome, and the tools at my disposition were very diverse and of tremendous quality.
There was also music, and we were intelligently guided – Marika getting involved only when a problem needed to be solved or when someone needed to have his inspiration reignited.
We were not under any kind of control, and we had our own creation space…



Rue Monge, 75005 Paris
Metro : Maubert-Mutualité, ligne 10

from 10 a.m. 1 p.m. and
from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

International : +33 6 47 97 22 46
Paris : 06 47 97 22 46

Email :


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