Both as a painter and a photographer, and also as an alumni from ESRA Paris, she has worked for twenty-five years by contributing to numerous artistic projects in different fields, such as movies, advertising, photojournalism and theater.

Since 2008, she has dedicated herself to painting. After going to a spiritual retreat, she decided to work exclusively on Soul paintings. She opened her first atelier so as to share this way of living with other people.


Born on September 22 in Paris

1985 – 87
A-level in philosophy, graduated in movie studies (movie directing) and photography studies at the Ecole Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle in Paris.

1987 – 89
She left for Europe and South America where she went on her first reporting assignments as a photojournalist, and then came to Paris where she now lives and works.

1989 – 93 Cinema
Worked with Arte, Le Sabre and In Vivo as bilingual director (French-Spanish).
She also took movie still photographs.

1993 – 95 Advertising
Independent photographer, first and last photographer for advertisement. She met Jean-Pierre Porcher, a well-known photojournalist, and joined his team as a photojournalist for the Paris and Barcelona-based agency Gran Angular. First steps toward painting. She made a series of portraits of women with a mixed technique (photographs and paintings)

1995 – 2008 Theater
Production director: organization and post-production of captation (theather filmed)
(Theâtre du Rond-Point, l’Atelier, Montparnasse, l’Odéon…).
At the same time, she also took pictures for the Entracte and Theâtral magazine and took charge of internal communication in private theaters (portraits and run-throughs).

2008  2009
She goes on a spiritual retreat.

2009  2016 Painting
She entirely dedicated herself to painting and worked most of the time on personalized orders, and on personal works.

Started thinking about creation and developing the Atelier. First press article about it in “Happinez” magazine. After she had painted a Soul portrait, she was asked to create business cards for “Le Jardin des Anges”, a private mansion in Saint-Jean d’Angely.

Creation of the Atelier: “The voice of the Soul through painting”, that gets a warm welcome. Its customers are French, Parisian, but also international.

Two new projects have been developing since September 2018 and will start in 2019.


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